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Where to buy a keffiyeh

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Are you looking to purchase a keffiyeh?  Keffiyehs used to be hard to come by, but today there are many places you can purchase an “arab scarf”.  It used to be that you could only find them abroad (in the middle east), at army surplus stores, and at arab stores.  Nowadays however they are quite fashionable and can be picked up in quite a few places.  In my opinion the easiest and most affordable place to get them is on Amazon.  At Amazon you can find these wonderful scarves in a multitude of colors and styles at very affordable prices.  Check out this funky fuscia and black keffiyeh with a skull pattern for only $14.99 online:

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I however am very fortunate that I live in NYC, and they are pretty easy to find in brick and mortar stores here as it is such a culturally diverse city.  However, if you don’t live in a big city, that’s fine.  Thanks to the internet you no longer have to go to your local army surplus store if you have one, or make a trip to a big city to buy a keffiyeh, as you can now buy one without leaving your home.  The other benefit to online shopping is that you can also find many more unique offerings online than you would find at your local brick and mortar shop.  You are no longer relegated to only black and red keffiyehs.  If you’ve bought keffiyehs in the past, where did you buy them?  Know of any great places to find them?  Please let us know in the comments below.

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Celebrities wearing keffiyehs

celebrities wearing keffiyehs

The keffiyeh is a hot fashion accessory, and now possibly it will be even hotter, thanks to celebrity support.  This bothers some, as they see it as a symbol of war, terrorism, or support for palestine.  The truth is however, that these scarves have been worn since biblical times and are comfortable, functional, and quite nice looking.  What are your thoughts on people enjoying the aesthetic of the keffiyeh?

Should they not be worn by westerners?  Should they be enjoyed by anyone who would like to wear them?  Apparently many people think it’s fine to wear them, as they are a best seller on Amazon.  After all, the bandana is still worn by many in the U.S. even though many violent gangs adopted it as their own in the 80s and 90s.  If you travel to to the middle east today, you will see many people wearing the keffiyeh, many happy and peaceful people, who are simply wearing it because of it’s function and versatility.  Many armies employ the keffiyeh for the same reasons when they are located in desert locales.  In my opinion it is simply a great functional scarf that looks nice and although it has been adopted by various groups to represent various things throughout time, we should not abandon it.  What do you think?  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Keffiyehs, not just black and white anymore

With the increasing popularity of the keffiyeh as a fashion item, we have seen many new colors and images brought to this iconic scarf that was once only available in two-toned black and white.  Today however you can find a keffiyeh in just about any color combination you’d like, as well as with various images on the center of the scarves instead of the classic checkered pattern.  I believe the main reason for these new styles is simply because of the popularity of this item in the west, vendors realized that they could probably sell more scarves if they offered different colors to match the buyers wardrobes, as keffiyeh are worn in the west more often for flare then for the utilitarian purpose of keeping one protected from the various elements.  The other reason we maybe seeing more different versions of this classic arab scarf are that the vendors and the buyers are trying to ensure that there is no affiliation or greater political message tied to their products.  Check out some of the contemporary versions below.

Keffiyeh Yin-Yang Scarf

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Grateful Dead® Green SYF Skull Keffiyeh Square Scarf – Perfect for All Seasons

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Blue Multicolor Keffiyeh Arab Head Scarf Shemagh

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Tan Keffiyeh Shemagh Skull Crossbones Tactical Scarf

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Keffiyeh Purple Hearts Scarf

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Red / Turquoise Blue Keffiyeh

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What is a keffiyeh?

A keffiyeh pronounced “ku-fee-uh” is a scarf that was initially worn only by those living in the desert regions of the world, usually men.  The scarf is primarily made of cotton and features a checkered pattern, usually in black, with a white background and sometimes fringe along the edges.  Although today today these scarves are available in just about every imaginable color.

The keffiyeh was originally designed to keep the sun off one’s head, and the dirt and sand from one’s mouth.  Today it is still employed by many for it’s ability to do just that, but many also enjoy it for it’s aesthetics and use it as a fashion accessory, or for protection from the cold.

Nowadays, the keffiyeh can be seen on both men and women all over the world, as it has become a popular fashion accessory.  Keffiyeh also has many names like,  mashadah, ghutrah, shemagh, and hattah (all arabic names).  Most commonly in the U.S. it is referred to as either a keffiyeh, shemagh, arab scarf, or desert scarf.  The keffiyeh however also has different names in different regions of the world for example sudra in Israel, and chafiye in Persia.

The scarf has been enjoyed and embraced by many cultures and religions.  Although, the wearing of the keffiyeh has become contraversial from time-to-time, as it can be worn as a symbol of Palestinian nationalism.  In recent years, however, most have now accepted the keffiyeh as valid protection from the elements and a fashion accessory.  The keffiyeh has even become a best seller over on Amazon.




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